Monday, April 11, 2011

well we had to ask...

Didn't we!

Insatiably curious souls that we are, we just had to ask.

I was just checking my email and noted that I had nothing since last week
from NMRANET NMRANETWG on Yahoo, so I checked, it seems to have disappeared...
Something happened?

at 7:57pm EST today, and the reply:

The sites have been closed.


I have corrected my group naming error in the text above, what I crossed out is exactly what I sent to Didrik Voss.

So what do we make of this? Is Didrik basically saying that NMRAnet is dead in his mind? I mean if the working group nos no group to work in what are we supposed to do? Or is he telling us not so subtly that we can all go play in our own sandbox because he has taken control of the NMRAnet sandbox for himself? Or is he merely trying to remove the evidence? Just as well a few full mailboxes of those groups exist around the place then isn't it! At least we haven't lots years of work. Despite the fact that all of the files in those groups are gone now.

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