Sunday, April 12, 2009

Life has been busy

Life tends to deal all sorts of interesting cards to us. In the last six months I suppose the economic crisis has consumed most of us, especially those trying to hold onto our jobs! So it has been some time since I wrote anything here, but now I can remedy that neglect.


Seems to have been a major focus of my work for much of the past two years. I now have four successful designs under my belt, one is in production, one is going into production now with a third to be in production in the next month or two. The fourth may never see the light of day - that will depend on the speed of another major development project I am working on.


My baby! This is our take on the extremely successful Arduino project. Several volume orders for special applications have consumed a huge amount of time and effort. About Octoboer 2008 we built a large batch of the revision B board which has been very successful. Finally we have had time to implement some CAN bus code for the thing and code for DCC is under way. If you want to know more, keep a watch on this page for more details.