Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Whatever happened to.....

In this case, MIPS Technologies.

Based on original academic research done at Stanford from 1981, MIPS was formed in 1984 and until the 1990's was influential as a supplier of CPU chips for a variety of manufacturers, including such names as SGI, Siemens/Nixdorf, Olivetti and many others. Since then MIPS has also been licensing architectures and core designs which became prominent in the set top box, cable modem and router arena. They never made it into the Smartphone/PDA market, long dominated by Intel and ARM.

And now we see yet more advances from ARM, newer cores such as the Cortex-A15 and promised improvements this year and next seem to set the field for an even greater market penetration by ARM.

So I really do wonder, where will MIPS go now?

Its not easy keeping a blog!

And I am sure a lot of you know that. Between work and family how should I find the time to say things here. Well, I keep finding notes of all sorts of ideas around my desk, so maybe I should just post some of those!